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Welcome to Jhatpat Traveler, your go-to-travel site for budget travelers.  Someone who does not have the courage to loose sight of shore, can never explore the world.  My name is Anisha Sharma, traveling is my passion and I aim to create detail itineraries to destinations I have been.  All you have to worry about is booking your hotel and flights and your vacation is planned for you!  Given the limited time off culture here in the US, I have curated 4 to 5 day itineraries that capture the culture and activities of a place, which ensures you maximize your trip and do not break the bank at the same time. 

I specialize in curated itineraries, specifically for budget travelers that will help optimize your time, explore hidden gems and save money along the way. 

Need a more personalized itinerary, that caters to special needs and preferences? Drop me an email and let's connect, It would be my pleasure to create a personalized itinerary for you and your family.  
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